How it works

First, contact us for a preliminary discussion.  We can arrange an initial assessment meeting, which can be together or individually.

The Mediator will establish whether mediation is suitable for you and your issues.

If you both decide to go ahead, you will then attend mediation sessions which can be together or if necessary, “shuttle mediation” between separate rooms.  A typical mediation usually consists of 2 sessions, sometimes 3 and each one could last around 1½ hours.  

Mediation can also take place between other family members.

If mediation is successful, a written document setting out the proposals you have reached is prepared.  

A typical mediation meeting includes:

Introductions:  The Mediator welcomes you both, establishes ground rules and explains the procedure to be followed.

Disclosure:  If your case involves financial matters, you will need to give full financial disclosure. We will provide forms to help you to prepare this before the first session.

Time to talk:  The Mediator will ensure each of you has the opportunity to speak without interruption about the issues, what you have meant and still mean. Mediation is a flexible process that can respond to the needs of you both.

Discussions:  You can both ask questions and will receive information from the Mediator. The Mediator will try to encourage communication between you.

Reaching a proposal:  By changing the focus from the past to the future, the Mediator will try to help you find a common ground and a way forward. The Mediator will help you structure your proposals and check out the practicality of what is being proposed in a clear and concise way.

Finally, at the end of each session, the Mediator will review and acknowledge what has been achieved and clarify what will happen next.

You can seek advice on your individual positions from your Solicitor at any stage during the mediation process.