Saving Unpleasantness

Mediation seeks agreement about the future rather than arguing about the past.  Mediation removes the traditional battlefield of the legal world and if you have any children involved, your children really do come first.  We understand very well that children may become caught in the crossfire and feel insecure and anxious.

Arguments between you both concerning your situation can be incredibly destructive for all concerned.  Emotions may be running very high and you can each be easily hurt.  If you have children, you will need to communicate in the future to have some form of relationship for the benefit of the children.  It is crucial that you are able to co-parent successfully for the future. It is our aim to help you to do this and to achieve a solution that you can reasonably live with, whether concerning your children, your family home, or your family finances in general.

Saving Time

We can start mediation quickly.  

You can avoid the delay of lengthy correspondence and long drawn out Court proceedings. Mediation saves time and stressful Court proceedings. 

Saving Expense

If you are entitled to Legal Aid, then mediation will be completely free for you.  If you are not, then you will be charged a fixed fee for each session.  Mediation is designed to be cheaper than negotiating through Solicitors or arguing in Courts.

Avoiding Worry

Our aim is to explain everything to you, including the Court process.  With the help of the Mediator acting as a neutral third party, we will help you decide about important issues. We are aware this can be a difficult and emotional time for many people and you may well feel like you are in a deadlock situation.  We aim to break this deadlock and to help you to look at the bigger picture rather than dwelling on the past.

If there is any possibility of reconciliation, we will of course explore this with you, if you both wish.

Information Provision

We can provide information about the law generally and as to whether the Court would or would not be willing to approve of any potential settlement you are considering, or that you achieve within the mediation process.  We will help you achieve an understanding of the law in relation to your joint situation with a view to helping you to formulate proposals for your settlement.    

Reality Checking

To help you understand your proposals we will go through them with you to "reality check" them to make sure they will work as you want them to.

Saving Uncertainty

You, not the Courts, make the decision.